Just me and my girls!

Like any other rider it’s good to have a “crew”. I just so happen to have a crew of about 10 females that all ride. Enter #ridinpretty 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Lol #ridinpretty I must say is pretty tight knit group of girls from all different backgrounds that ride, just so happens most of us are moms also. When the crew gets together it becomes a movie/ zoo. Which of course comes with the typical questions that are asked when people (males 😩) see girls on bikes. The usual questions vary from: y’all rode those bikes? (We are usually sitting on our bikes with keys in hand, gear on, and ready to pull off 🙄)  How long have you been riding? ( some of us yearrrrssssssss) How much was your bike? ( noneya! ) are you guys scared?! ( ummmm no. Try it you might like it) and of course the classic, are those y’all mans bikes? ( no sir! All of us own and ride our own. Actually most us have custom painted bikes* hot pink* *candy purple*, so no they aren’t our “mans” bikes). So if your walking or driving on the grand central, Jackie Robinson or sitting at the Astoria strip say hi to us. We won’t bite…… Hard 😈

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